We need to talk about the weather

Scotland has an Atlantic weather system. A wet, cold morning will swiftly turn into a beautiful, sunny afternoon and vice-versa. If you are lucky sun bloc might sometimes need to be applied (swimming costumes for the very brave).

Visitors are advised to come prepared for all conditions. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended, as is all-weather rain gear and lots of warm layers even in summer.

Hats rather than umbrellas are best - the latter might end up in Ireland!

In short, when out and about be prepared for EVERYTHING and you won’t go far wrong.


Flora our VW shuttle is a sturdy Highland girl and a lot of fun. She has a reasonable boot space but one 20kg case per person is recommended when on tours of more than one day.

1 - 6 people works best on such tours but Noost is happy to discuss variations on this theme and can also recommend storage space for excess luggage while away.